Setup Instructions

Welcome to Arksi! You're now using a highly intuitive and innovative Weebly theme.

To get started, you can open and close this window by going to "Theme>Theme Options>Automation". Use this window for Arksi instructions and to setup Arksi's Information Section and Category Slider below.

Once you setup your Information Section and Category Slider below, close this window and use Arksi like you would any other Weebly theme. That's all it is! Enjoy.

Dark Mode & More: Arksi comes with 4 color schemes, 2 light (arski & instagram) and 2 dark (blue and dark). You can choose a color scheme under "Theme" at the top. Then on the top left you'll see 4 color schemes to choose from.

Theme Options: Arksi comes with theme options that let you customize the feel of your site without touching code. To customize Arksi, go to "Theme>Theme Options".

Information Section Setup

The Information Section appears at the top of a main blog page and displays an avatar, your name, a call-to-action button, and an about section.

Information Avatar
Information Name
(e.g., Arksi)
Information Button
(e.g., "Message" or "Contact")
Information Bio
Arksi is an Instagram-inspired Weebly blog theme. #hiking #coffee #swimming. ​Keep count of your total blog posts, comments, and pages, while navigating seamlessly with a built-in pagination#WeeblyFirst #innovative.
Tell the world who you are!
Category Slider Setup

The category slider displays up to 7 blog categories above your blog posts. Setting it up is as simple as adding a blog category URL (e.g., to an input box below.

The category slider can be shut off under "Theme>Theme Options>Category Slider"
Category 1
Category 2
Category 3
Category 4
Category 5
Category 6
Category 7

Note: You can close this box under "Theme>Theme Options>Automation [Editor Only]".

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